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The Luck of Life


There was a lucky boy

And he lived in a house.

His room was painted silver

The door: brown and green.


There was a lucky fox

And he lived in a wood,

Just on the edge of it

In a sandy bank under trees.


There was a lucky rat

And he lived in a pipe

Half buried in a building

In the middle of a town.


There was a lucky snake

In a biscuit-yellow place.

Miles and miles it stretched

With rocks for shade to sleep in.


All these things were charmed.

Their luck was the air they breathed.

They lived sometimes in danger,

Sometimes they played in peace.

They slept or they scurried,

They moved and breathed and ate.

Their was colour in their houses

And firm earth underneath.

 Fairy-tales by H.C. Andersen

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