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22 сентября - 1 этап международного проекта Tulip's Garden.

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2015 - 2016г

Bacon Bricks Garden 1


Hello from Albany, Oregon, USA.
 We enjoyed reading about your Journey North Garden.
Will you please write us back soon - even to just say hello. Thank you.
We are an all-girls, 5th grade through 7th grade LEGO robotics team. There are eight people on our team. We are doing a math research project and hoping to share our project with other Journey North schools all over the world. We have developed an easy to use Cartesian coordinate grid system for elementary school students and their teacher that helps them track where they plant their tulips in their gardens. To learn more about our project, please click on the only Journey North garden planted square located in Oregon. We would be happy to share more pictures of our project with you. Please write us back and let us know what you think of our project idea. How many students attend your school? Is this the first time you have had a J.N. Garden.
Thank you for writing us back.
The LEGO Bacon Bricks Robotics Team in Oregon, USA


Your Answer to the LEGO Bacon Bricks Robotics TEAM


Dear friends,

Thank you for your letter. Now I would like to tell you about our weather. We have a strong winter and snow. It is very cold but we accustomed to this weather. Usually we have 56 centimeters  of snow. But our forest is very beautiful and I invite you to visit Zelenograd in winter. Write soon.

Best wishes,



 winter in zelenograd


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