1. Who was Valentine according to one legend?


2. What was he beheaded for?


3. What was the Valentine's guilt according to the other



4. What holiday was on February 14 in the Roman



5. What do people send to their loved ones and friend on

St.Valentine's Day?


6. What is a "valentine"?



St. Valentine's Day has roots in several different legends.

One of the earliest popular symbols of the day is Cupid, the Roman god of Love, who is represented by the image of a young boy with a bow and arrow.

Three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman emperors still demanded that everyone believe in the Roman gods. Valentine, a Christian priest, had been thrown in prison for his teachings. On February 14,Valentin was beheaded. The night before he was executed, he wrote the jailer's daughter a farewell letter signing it, "From Your Valentine".


Happy St Valentine’s Day !

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